Construction Site Clean-Up

If your business has recently undergone remodeling, additions or construction, you may not be ready to resume your workday yet. Even with the work finished, your office or new facility may have debris left over from construction. Florida Facility Services cleans post construction sites thoroughly so you can start your business again or ready the lot for sale.

Whether you have added to your business, renovated, or constructed a completely new facility, leftover dust and debris will set back your start date. FFS helps you get started again sooner with complete post construction cleanup. FFS, sweeps away drywall dust, sawdust and fine remains, and leaves your site clean and polished.

Whether you are preparing to relocate to a new site or you are ready to move back in after construction or remodeling, FFS can help. With walls, floors, and surrounding spaces clean and neat, you can easily and safely move equipment and employees back in. Call FFS and get your business started again right away.