Gym Cleaning

Keeping machines and weights in the gym clean and sanitized is essential to maintaining a quality, comfortable environment. If you own a large facility, or you have other athletic courts or equipment to look after, keeping everything clean and germ-free can quickly become difficult. Florida Facility Services provides thorough cleaning tailored to the needs of gyms and health clubs, so you can be confident that your equipment stays clean.

Work-out machines, weight-lifting bars, dumbbells and other equipment in a gym are handled by hundreds of people each day, allowing germs to spread easily and quickly throughout the building. Sweat transmits and promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi that live on the body, and residual sweat on work-out machines can spread disease if not attended to. Florida Facility Services cleans each machine thoroughly with powerful sanitizing agents to kill microbes living on equipment, benches, floors, drinking fountains and other surfaces.

Florida Facility Services works around your schedule and provides regular cleaning when your facility is not in use. To schedule gym cleaning services, call or message FFS today.