Interior Window Cleaning

Windows are often overlooked during cleaning, as they may be difficult to reach or covered by drapes or blinds during the evening. The areas around windows quickly accumulate dust, spider webs and smudges, turning areas that could be attractive focal points in the room into unsightly features. Florida Facility Services provides complete interior window cleaning for all types of windows and businesses, so you and your customers can enjoy sunny, beautiful views.

Windows are a great way to add natural sunlight to a room, and to open a space and make it more inviting. Windows also provide attractive views of the outside, especially in offices or cubicles. When covered by drapes of blinds, they can easily be overlooked. Florida Facility Services’ cleaning experts take the time to clean the glass, sashes, rails, casing, blinds and all parts of the window from top to bottom. From tall display windows, picture windows to casements, sliding windows and more, Florida Facility Services makes each window spotless and takes care of any hard-to-reach places.

Let the sunlight in and enjoy the view from clean, pristine windows throughout your business. Contact Florida Facility Services to schedule interior window cleaning today.