One-time Service

Whether you are looking for spring cleaning assistance, you need help cleaning a specific area, you are preparing for renovations or something else, Florida Facility Services provides one-time cleaning services for any needs. Florida Facility Services assists any enterprise with a wide range of cleaning services to safely, effectively and efficiently clean and disinfect any space.

Some infrequently used areas of your business, such as storerooms, basements or outdoor areas, may only require cleaning once a year, or every few months. Other areas may require extra help after years of disuse, or weather extremes such as flooding may have damaged the area. FFS provides deep, extensive cleaning services to remove dust and debris from difficult areas, disinfect the space, and provide a neat, spotless room for you to use again. When it comes to dirt, dust, grease, or grime make sure that you and your staff are safe, and trust cleaning experts to safely wash and organize the space.

If you require select cleaning services, seasonal cleaning, or cleaning for a specific room, contact Florida Facility Services today to make an appointment.